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Peri acid
Peri acid

Chemical name:1-Naphthylamine-8-Sulfonic Acid
Molecular formula:  C10H9NO3S
Molecular weight:  223.25
Applications: mainly used for synthesizing of phenyl peri acid,  tolueneyl peri acid and Chicago acid. Peri acid forms into naphthyl-sulfonic  lactone, which can be used to manufacture 1,8- phenolsulfonic acid and acid  complex blue GGN as a intermediate.
Product standard: HG-302-80 (dried)  HG/T3389-2002 (wet)
Technical index:

IndexIndex value
AppearanceGray red powder
Total amino value ≥71.0%(wet)90.00%(dried)
1,8 acid content ≥95%85.0%(dried)
Impurity ≤5.0%

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